20g Green Luminous Paint Glow In The Dark Fluorescent For Party Nails Decoration

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20g Green Luminous Paint Glow in the Dark Fluorescent Paint for Party Nail Decoration Art Supplies Phosphor Paint Acrylic Paint

Size: 20 grams per bottle
Ingredients:synthetic resin or emulsion, energy storage luminescent material and other materials, non-toxic harmless, no radioactive.
Features: Suction light emitting time 10-20 minutes can glow in the dark for 6 hours.

Usages: Luminous paint is mainly used for construction, decoration, advertising, traffic signs, artificial landscapes, and can also be used as a luminous sign for hotels, shopping malls and special occasions, as well as for low-level emergency.

Note: Because of cold weather conditions that you may get some dry products, please try putting them in a warm room (temperature greater or equal to 22℃) for 24 hours or add a little warm water to unfreeze. If that doesn’t work, please contact us, we will try our best to give you a satisfied solution.

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