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Definitely suitable for your Halloween decoration!
This string of warm white lights, each lamp with a cute and smiling pumpkin shape, will make your home truly blend into the fun spirit of Halloween.
The 3D Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin designed LED string lights, which is the perfect decoration for Halloween theme parties, carnivals, festivals, celebrations and special occasions.
Put them on your front road or porch, this is the ideal way to welcome troublemakers to your door.
Cool touch
Use 4.5-watt low-power LEDs and insulated copper wires to keep the light at a low temperature. Even if you use it continuously for a long time, you can safely touch it.
Copper wire technology
The wires covered with transparent plastic are copper wires, which are indeed flexible, conductive and durable.
High brightness
20 LED lights light up the happy atmosphere indoors or outdoors; there are 20 strings of lights with a wide range of light sources.
Advanced light source
The light source is a row of LEDs, which can disperse the light well and provide strong and uniform light without glare or shadows.

-Pumpkin string length: about 9.8 feet
-Circuit board: 4.5V, 3 batteries (without batteries)
-LED quantity: 20 pcs
-Switch: power on/off and mode

Please install it before use, just put each LED light in the pumpkin.
Package includes: 2.5m20 light string with battery box [not including battery]

1. [Super bright and cute]-This string of warm orange Halloween decoration lights, with a charming little pumpkin shape, has a 3D design, which can really decorate your porch, front path or yard, it is perfect
2. [Blinking steadily]-A string of 20 LEDs will be wound on a fine wire. It uses 3 AA batteries. Blinking steadily (excluding battery)
3. [Romantic Decoration]-Bright and interesting lights are equipped with 20 pumpkin balls, and each balloon is equipped with LED lights. When energized, each ball will glow orange and reveal a pumpkin’s smiling face.
4. [Energy saving and waterproof]-Halloween pumpkin lanterns are made of strong plastic, so don’t worry about breaking them. Since no plug is required, it can be used anywhere and has a wide range of uses. Better than ordinary solar string lights, this is definitely a lovely addition to Halloween decoration.


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