Wireless Activated Sound Speaker Small Scream Box Security Alarm For Shopping

Wireless Activated Sound Speaker Small Scream Box Security Alarm For Shopping

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Microsound audio player has human body induction function. When detecting the human body passing, it will give warm prompt, warnings and welcome prompt, play advertising audio or others.

According to the different applications, different audio files can be downloaded to have suitable sound effect.

The audio files can be replaced by yourself. Connect to computer by USB data cable, then copy new audio files(MP3 only) to this device. Your MP3 files will playback automatically after the PIR sensor has been activated.


1. Can load MP3 audio playback.
2. Two levels volume for option, small or maximum.
3. Human body induction, induction range up to 4 meters.
4. Standard 32Mbit(4M byte) SPI-flash memory.
5. Previous/next audio play selection.
6. Power-off memory function.
7. Audio content can be replaced by yourself.
8. Can download audio files from computer by USB cable through micro USB interface
9. Three AAA batteries or USB power for power supply.
10. Built in 8ohm1 watt speaker.


1. Haunted house
2. Create an audible warning for a restricted area.
2. Audible reminders or procedures to assist people with Dementia.
3. Audible security alarm.
4. Create a special door entrance greeting for shop store supermarket.
5. Raise attention and create impact by adding a speech, music or sound effects to a point of sale display.


1. This device only plays MP3 audio files.
2. No micro SD card slot. Cannot insert micro SD card.
You may see there is, but that is just a hole, looks like a micro SD card slot.
3. Battery not included, but we will give you free USB cable.
4. When connected to computer by USB cable, before copy audio files to the device, please delete the device’s all old audio files first, then copy new audio files to the device.

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Brand Name:
Battery Life (Hour):
>10 Hours
Item Type:
Sound Speaker
Support MP4:
Voice Record:
Dimensions (WxHxD)):
Support MP3:
Model Number:
Microsound V22
Power Output:
infrared sensor detection
Power supply:
3 AAA dry batteries or USB power
Sensor range:
within 4m
Power voltage:
Built in 4MByte flash memory
Audio format:
mp3, 8~320Kbps
Working current:
less than 180mA
Standby current:
less than 60uA
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