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On the 31st of October, we can go crazy and spooky again because it’s Halloween. One of the most favorite parties of the year, that is celebrated in the UK, the USA, Ireland, and Canada. Who does not love a freaky Halloween party? At MySpookyHalloween that is not a question we ask ourselves, we all love this party. We started from the bottom, but grow out to be a very successful Halloween store. We created MySpookyHalloween for the reason that Halloween props and decorations should be available and affordable for everyone.

The funny story behind MySpookyHalloween is that it is created by two families who had never celebrated Halloween before. These two families both moved to the USA and met each other here. Because they were both unknown with this celebration, they started to celebrate it together, and this was such a success that they invited the whole neighborhood to celebrate it with them. Now our street is one of the most famous Halloween streets in the USA.

Our thought was that all Halloween props should be available for everyone, worldwide.
We sell amazing Halloween costumes and props, decorations for inside and of course for outside, and cool toys and accessories, all with a Halloween theme.

So if you are looking for some amazing Halloween props, then stop looking because here at MySpookyHalloween, you will definitely find it. If you can not exactly find that one thing you were looking for, please let us know, maybe we can help you find something cool.
Our service provides all the help you need and a seamless experience, from ordering to delivery.

Have fun shopping at MySpookyHalloween!


We're continually working on our online store and are open to any suggestions. If you have any questions or proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ceintuurbaan 18-8557
8024 AA Zwolle
The Netherlands

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