Motorcycle Led Night Riding Lights Bike Helmet El Cold Light Flashing Stripe Luminous Sticker Universal Waterproof

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Product description

Helmet decoration lamp, cool decoration for Halloween
Cool lighting kit for helmets: This motorcycle helmet DIY stripe sticker is universal for all types of motorcycle helmets. Ultra-thin, high brightness, cold light without heat.
3 modes in 1 controller: contains 3 different lighting modes-steady light, slow flash and fast flash. It can be easily changed using the controller.
Lightweight and durable: The material is extremely light and hardly feels when attached to the helmet. Use double-sided tape, easy to clean after peeling.
This helmet lighting kit is universal for all motorcycles on the market. The light strip on the helmet is not only a cool decoration, but also a warning sign for cycling at night, especially in foggy weather, rainy or snowy weather. It is very obvious at night or in a dark environment, which can effectively prevent rear-end accidents and ensure the safety of the driver.
Name: Self-adhesive light strip for helmet
Color: green light bar, purple light bar, yellow light bar, blue light bar, red light bar, white light bar, ice blue light bar
Detailed parameters of helmet night running lights:
Applicable gender: unisex
Material: PET
Process: printing
Service life: about 3000 (hours)
Color classification: multi-color
Light mode: always on, flashing, fast flashing (can be switched by the controller.)
Energy: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Installation method: double-sided tape, easy to clean after peeling.


1: The light-emitting parts can be customized according to your needs to make it fit the shape you like. DIY decorate your helmet to personalize it.
2: waterproof
3: There are many colors to choose from
4: Scope of application: outdoor riding, waterproof, high temperature resistant, low temperature
1. The product is waterproof and can cut the light emitting part (not waterproof after cutting)
2. This product is powered by No. 5 battery (rechargeable battery cannot be used)
The package contains: 2 lights, 1 drag two lines, 1 meter extension cable, 1 driver, 1 piece of tape

Applicable People:
>8 Years
Head Circumference:
Model Number:
Halloween Helmet
Service life:
about 3000 (hours)
2 AA batteries (not included)
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