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Fun Prank Toy Party Joke Machine Create Realistic Farting Sounds With Pooter Hot Toy

Introducing the Party Prank Joke Machine Hot Fart Pooter Sound Creation Toy. This hilarious, high-quality toy is designed to spark laughter and fun at any party. Crafted from durable rubber in a sleek black design with a red cover, this joke machine is perfect for children over 3 years old and adults alike who enjoy a good prank.

Our joke machine is compact, measuring only 4.4 * 4cm, making it easy to hide in your hand for a surprise prank. This fun toy is extremely simple to use; just squeeze it and watch as everyone around you bursts into laughter due to the realistic farting sounds it makes.

The Party Prank Joke Machine Hot Fart Pooter Sound Creation Toy is not just a toy; it’s a tool for creating unforgettable memories at parties or family gatherings. It’s an extruded fart tube that’s sure to become the life of the party.

This toy requires no batteries, making it a hassle-free and environment-friendly option for endless fun. Despite its uproarious purpose, the Party Prank Joke Machine Hot Fart Pooter Sound Creation Toy is designed with a sports theme, making it an engaging toy for active kids and adults.

Please note, this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts. Enjoy the magic of laughter with our Party Prank Joke Machine Hot Fart Pooter Sound Creation Toy.

Warning: This toy may cause uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Key Features:

  • High-quality joke machine designed to create realistic farting sounds for fun pranks.
  • Made from durable rubber material, ensuring a long-lasting entertainment tool for parties and gatherings.
  • Compact design measuring only 4.4 * 4cm/1.73 * 1.57 inches, perfect for hiding in your hand for surprise pranks.
  • Easy to operate – simply squeeze the toy to produce hilarious farting sounds that will have everyone around you bursting into laughter.
  • Does not require batteries, making it a hassle-free and eco-friendly option for endless fun.
  • Perfect for children over 3 years old and adults who appreciate a good laugh.
  • Sports-themed design makes it an engaging toy for active kids and adults.
  • Can be used as a fun tool to create unforgettable memories at parties, family gatherings, and even during Halloween.
  • Comes with a red cover that adds a fun, festive touch.
  • Despite its uproarious purpose, the toy is safe for use with no sharp parts or harmful materials.
  • Please note that this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts.
  • Warning: This toy may cause uncontrollable fits of laughter!

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Black, Red Cover

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4.4 * 4cm

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1 X Track Toy

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Track Toys

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Tooter Farting

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Sounds Fart Pooter

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Prank Joke Machine

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Party Halloween

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Extruded Fart Tube

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Magic Toy

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> 3 Years Old

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4.4 * 4cm

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61 reviews for Party Prank Joke Machine Hot Fart Pooter Sound Creation Toy

  1. Thi

    Late delivery.

  2. Shaunna

    Funny toy but delivery was disappointingly slow. Sound quality could be improved.

  3. Valene

    So funy, kidz luv it!

  4. Luisa

    Fun toy, sound is ok but cud be more realistic.

  5. Marleen

    the party prank joke machine is a humorous idea, but the sound is unconvincing. delivery was also disappointing – it arrived later than expected.

  6. Nikole

    Great toy Customer support was top-notch Few spelling mistooks but overall a hilarious gag gift

  7. Latoya

    Absolutely hilarious party prank toy! Delivery was impressively fast. The realistic fart sounds had everyone in stitches. A must-have for every jokers collection. Five stars!

  8. Vera

    Real funy toy Makes evryone laugh with its hilarius fart noises Good for pranks

  9. Kirstin

    Fast delivery, great fun! the ultimate party prank toy.

  10. Kraig

    The Party Prank Joke Machine is a humorous novelty item that provides some giggles. However, the sound quality could be improved for a more realistic effect. Its a fun gag gift, but might not meet expectations for long-term entertainment.

  11. Willa

    Fast delivery! This fart pooter toy is hilarious, perfect for party pranks. Tho the sound was a bit off, its still a fun toy.

  12. Jasmine

    Delivery was slow. Toy was disappointing, not as amusing as expected. Average at best.

  13. Rosalyn

    Fun toy for pranks, but sound quality could be beter. Good for a laugh tho.

  14. Vida

    Hilarious, perfect for pranks. The Pooter is a hit at parties. Quality sound, well-made toy.

  15. Wiley

    Great fun, hilarious sounds. Perfect for light-hearted pranks at parties.

  16. Allan

    Had high hopes for this toy but its kinda disappointing. Sound isnt realistic enough to fool anyone. Plus, delivery took forever. Wouldve been nice if it came on time. Overall, could be beter.

  17. Milagro

    Great laughs, speedy delivery! This fart sound toy is a hoot!

  18. Katherin

    Great fun toy, customer support was extremely helpful and responsive. Highly recommended!

  19. Otha

    Great fun, ordred again!

  20. Kendal

    Great for laughs, this toy creates hilarious and realistic fart sounds.

  21. Johnny


  22. Altha

    Great for laughs! This joke machine is well-made and produces hilariously real fart sounds.

  23. Claudia

    Hilarious! perect for pranks, sound is convincingly real. kids had a blast!

  24. Jeanetta

    Hilariously entertaining, perfect for lightening up any party atmosphere!

  25. Katelyn


  26. Layne

    Great fun, hilarious sounds. Online reviews attest to its popularity.

  27. Hertha

    This hilarious gag toy had us in fits of laughter its a real ice-breaker and works perfectly every time other customers reviews echo our sentiments reinforcing the reliable reputation of this webshop great purchase

  28. Tawny

    Delivery was slow, but this fart noise maker adds a funny twist to any party.

  29. Genesis

    hilarious prank toy! makes any event unforgettable with endless laughter. quality sound, great for all ages.

  30. Donnetta


  31. Alec

    this toy is a hilarious hit at parties! great for pranks, it creates realistic fart sounds. a must-have for any jokester. solid 4-star product.

  32. Tatyana

    This joke machin or fart pooter is hilarious Had a blast using it at a friends party The sound it creates is so real had everyone laughing non-stop Perfect for a good prank Worth every penny Highly recommend for those who love a good laugh 5 stars

  33. Cleta

    Good for laughs.

  34. Allena

    Hilarious! This joke machine is a blast. Despite the silly nature of the product, the quality is commendable. Its robust, durable and made with good quality materials – wont break easily even after numerous pranks. The realism of the fart sounds is surprisingly impressive, adding to the overall humor. Its the perfect gag gift for parties, gatherings or just spicing up a boring day. Ive had some good laugh sessions with this sound creation toy. However, the instructions could be clearer. But once you get the hang of it, its easy to operate. Just remember the fun is in the surprise, so be stealthy with your pranking!

  35. Sacha

    this joke machine is absolutely hilarious! perfect for pranks and so easy to use. i highly recommend this store, extremely reliable and quick delivery.

  36. Alfonso

    this joke machine is a hit at parties! the fart pooter sound toy is well-made and durable. it always brings a hearty laugh and is surprisingly high-quality for a prank item. a must-have for fun lovers!

  37. Su


  38. Deidre

    Hilariously entertaining, perfect for light-hearted fun!

  39. Bette

    What a hoot! this little fart sound maker is a riot at gatherings. its compact, easy to use, and produces some seriously hilarious sounds. the 4-star rating is well deserved as its not just a toy, but a conversation starter. the icing on the cake is the free gift included in the package. its a delightful addition that adds an extra dash of fun to the whole experience. a sure hit for pranksters and jokers everywhere!

  40. Shana

    Great laugh-inducing toy! Definitely recommend this joke machine and store to others.

  41. Loraine

    this toy has potential for laughs, but fell short of expectations. the sound it creates is barely realistic. also, delivery was slower than promised which was quite disappointing. needs some improvement overall.

  42. Vella

    This toy is hilariously entertaining and perfect for prank lovers. Its easy to use and the sound is impressively realistic, leading to countless laughs at parties or gatherings. Despite its simplicity, its remarkably durable and well-constructed. The price is also a major plus, being more affordable than similar products on other webshops. A great buy for those looking for a fun and inexpensive way to entertain friends and family.

  43. Carmelina

    Great fun! Creates hilarious sounds. Highly recommend both product and webshop for a good laugh.

  44. Melaine

    Great value!

  45. Phillis

    Hilarious fun Outstanding customer support

  46. Joelle

    Hilariously entertaining, loads of laughs!

  47. Josh

    Funny but needs improvement.

  48. Miki

    Delayed delivery, but toys sound effects lack authenticity.

  49. Delaine

    Good fun toy

  50. Dani

    This product is hilariously entertaining! the packaging is sturdy and well-designed, keeping the item in perfect condition. its the ultimate prank tool, creating realistic sounds for endless fun. definitely a 5-star worthy purchase!

  51. Cherry

    Hilariously entertaining great for laughs

  52. Sidney

    hilariously entertaining, highly recommend!

  53. Caryn

    Hilariously entertaining, endless laugh generator!

  54. Betsey

    what a hoot! this gizmo had us roling in laughter. the free gift was a pleasant suprise, added even more fun. few spelling mistakes but overall, its definetly a 5 stars gag toy!

  55. Charlena

    Absolute blast at parties & gatherings! Creates hilarious, realistic sound effects. Custumer support was outstanding, fast responses & very helpfull. A must-have for those who love good humor, highly recommended!

  56. Ladawn

    This item is a hilarious addition to any pranksters collection. Its easy to use, producing realistic sounds that guarantee laughter. An excellent way to lighten up any gathering. Despite its simplicity, its durable and worth every penny. A solid 4-star product!

  57. Esther

    This prank toy is pure hilarity! It delivers a perfect hot fart sound that leaves everyone in stitches. Excellent quality and easy to use. Will definitely recommend both the product and webshop to others for a good laugh!

  58. Violette

    Fun for pranks, but sound quality could improve.

  59. Patty

    Good for laughs

  60. Lizette

    Great fun, kids love it. Prfect for pranks, worth buying!

  61. Violet

    Great fun toy The sounds are hilariously realistic Perfect for pranks

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