Wire Neon Glowing Christmas Dance Party Decor Strip Light Diy B2cshop


Wire Neon Glowing Christmas Dance Party Decor Strip Light Diy B2cshop
Wire Neon Glowing Christmas Dance Party Decor Strip Light Diy B2cshop $21.99$28.99
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Electroluminescent Wire Neon Glowing Strobing Halloween Christmas Dance Party Decor Strip Light DIY Wire B2Cshop

1. Flexible and water resistant, can be bent into any shape and cut into any length.
2. Can offer 360 degrees of illumination. Three-dimensional luminescence can also be achieved on straight or curved lines.
3. Energy Saving: The cold light made of electroluminescent powder consumes only 30-50% of the power of LED lights, 20-40% of string lights, and 1-10% of neon lights.
4. Because it does not generate heat when it emits light, there is no danger.
5. Widely used in indoor and outdoor advertisement, window, door, wall, car, boat, parties, camping, bar decoration and so on.

1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.

Type: Electroluminescent wire
Style: Multicolour/single color optional
Color and size:
Multicolour (yellow, blue, orange, purple, white): 5 colors, each color 1 meter, total 5 meters long, 2.3mm thickness
Single color: 3meter long, thickness 2.3mm
Power supply: 2xAA batteries(not included)

1. Indoor and outdoor advertisements, text patterns, window, doors, furniture, walls, roofs, etc.
2. Decoration of vehicles, boats and other vehicles: interior and exterior decoration, instrument indication, digital display
3. Marks and instructions: warning of stairs, passages, house numbers, exits, and temporary outdoor dangerous places
4. Toys, arts and crafts, sporting goods, clothing, electrical appliances, decoration, etc.


1 x Electroluminescent wire(5-color/single color optional)

1 x battery box(battery not included)

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